============ FPS5; July 5-8, 2016, Zunyi, Guizhou, China ============

FAST Pulsar Symposium 5 

Scientific rational

     Radio astronomy plays an important role in astronomy and astrophysics, in the past, now and in the future. The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), the biggest single-dish radio telescope to be built, will not only promote science and technology in China but also be beneficial to astronomers world-wide. Focusing on the scientific goals that FAST could achieve in the future, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST) has funded a key program (a so-called “973 project”) to support science efforts related to FAST. The project consists of 6 research groups, including one focuses on pulsar research. The pulsar group is organizing annual meetings to gather pulsar astronomers to exchange ideas on recent developments, provoke discussion, and foster collaboration.  Oversea scientists are invited to participate in this series of symposium. 

      Therefore, we would like to organize FPS (FAST Pulsar Symposium) series every year. Previous meetings could be found below. 

      FPS1 (http://fps1.csp.escience.cn/) in Xinjiang 

      FPS2 (http://fps2013.csp.escience.cn/) in Kunming

      FPS3 (http://fps2014.csp.escience.cn/) in Shanghai

       FPS4 (http://fps2015.csp.escience.cn/) in Inner Mongolia     


      QTT and FPS5 will be held in the same place. When registration, please make your choice for attending QTT or FPS5 or both.

Scientific organizers

     Organized by the pulsar group of the '973' project "Frontiers In Radio Astronomy and FAST Early Science"

      Di Li (NAOC)  
      Renxin Xu (PKU)
      Jianping Yuan (XAO)
      Yefei Yuan (USTC)
      Youling Yue (NAOC) 
      Chengmin Zhang (NAOC)

Local organizers

       Ping Li (ZNU)

      Tianhua Li (ZNU)
      Zhaosheng Li (XTU)
      Jiguang Lu (PKU)  
      Zhengkun Pan (ZNU)  
      Youchang Yang (ZNU, chair)
      Lijuan Zeng (ZNU)
      Rong Zhang (ZNU)


      Either English or Chinese, both for talk and for Q&A (but the presentation should be written in English).


     July 5-8, 2016